Alberto Kimbara
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Alberto Kimbara

Progressive, Tribal
Guest DJs

Currently living in Brussels, Alberto Kimbara was born and raised in Cuba, but it was in Montreal’s prolific DJ scene where he became well known. With his friendly personality, professionalism and eclectic musical taste he has won the respect and love of fans and party organizers.

Holding his residencies at the most popular gay parties in Montreal: BlacKKnighT, PIG, BUNKER and Bear Society; he had also played for the biggest festivals in the city like Black & Blue, Divers/Cité and Fierté/Montreal (Pride). Pretty much every gay club and after-hours in Montreal (Drama Queen, Parking, Unity, Sky Pub, Apollon, Katakombes, CODE, Red Lite, Circus, etc.) have been “blasted” by DJ Alberto’s music. Outside Montreal, he has brought his unique style to clubs like the legendary YOYO Palais in Paris, BRÜT in London, Powerhouse in San Francisco, FLY Nightclub in Toronto, PLUR and Babylon in Ottawa and Le Drague in Quebec City.

In collaboration with La Chapelle Records, he had put out some of the gay iconic compilations: “Out & Proud”. One of them reached #13 in iTunes’s “Top Albums” charts.

DJ Alberto’s music beautifully mixes the classic and the new, the underground and the popular. With a touch of funk and his native Latin flavor, he aims to tell you a story with each set he plays.