Diva Avari

Live Performers

Originally from Boston, Diva Avari’s career began, in the nightclubs of the famous Lansdowne Street,as a go-go dancer (1990-94).
In 1996, she decided to take her chances alone in Paris ‘the capital of fashion’. Once there, music her first passion caught up with her and she worked as a singer/dancer at Palace for David and Cathy Guetta and went on to become the first foreigner to be named ‘Queen’ of the Queen nightclub.

Finally in ’97, she recorded her first single ‘Lady Marmelade’, a dance cover of the original Patti Labelle song. Ever since, her name has been linked to various record companies; such as BMG, Club News, Happy Music and Airplay/ Universal.
She spent her time working on solo projects and as well as collaborations with the jazzy-house group SUBLIM VICTIM and featurings with STARTING ROCK with whom she made the hits ‘Don’t Go’ No.1 on the club charts (2006) and ‘Movin On’ No.2 in the clubs (2007).
Over the years, Avari made numerous television appearances… US (Boston – CH4, CHRONICLE) France (M6, MCM, FUN TV, Paris Premiere, Direct 8) England (Channel 4).

Also in cinema in the film “WILD SIDE” of Sebastian Liefschitz, the latest production of Kim Chapiron, “Le Sheitan”; Also a small but important role in the most recent opus of Otar Iosseliani with Michel Piccoli “Gardens in Autumn” with other propositions in film in the works.